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About Arsis

Today, Arsis comprises:

  • an 8-member professional ensemble;
  • four youth handbell ensembles with 48 members;
  • two Arsis Handbell Schools with 300 pupils.

Arsis started as a chamber choir in 1990. The choir was renowned by its fascinating repertoire and concert programmes. The chamber choir Arsis won several prizes at well-known festivals and choral contests (the first places at the Cork International Choral Festival and Cantonigrós International Choral Festival). The choir was active until 1997.

Arsis Handbell Ensemble, which developed from the chamber choir Arsis in 1993, today consists of eight professional players and one of the most perfect sets in the world, which includes 7+4 octave sets of handbells and 7 octave set of handchimes. The ensemble has toured nearly all over the world — in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, South-Africa, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Canada, Belgium, Holland, China, Lebanon. Seven CDs have been released.

Arsis Youth Ensemble started out in 1996 when the children of the choir singers performed a couple of pieces at Christmas. The very same performance grew into a six-year-long cooperation. The present youth ensembles have their roots in the Arsis Handbell School. In 2003, the first students graduated from the Handbell School, and the same year, the Arsis Youth Ensemble was founded. The fourteen-member group was chosen through a contest from among 45 participants. In 2006 and 2007, other contests were held among the students who had graduated, and to date, there are two youth ensembles in Tallinn and two in Tartu.

Arsis Handbell School in Tallinn was founded in 1999 after the Estonian Ministry of Education had issued a licence and permit to Arsis to found a private music school. Two years later, a Handbell School opened also in the City of Tartu. The Arsis Handbell School is a school where the children learn music by using handbells. They have four lessons a week — a handbell ensemble, piano, music history and solfeggio.