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About Arsis Handbell School


The Arsis Handbell School is a private hobby school that started out in 1999. Initially, there were 72 pupils. To date, the Arsis Handbell School has become a hobby school for 300 pupils and has established itself both in Tallinn and Tartu.

The Arsis Handbell School is an untraditional music school in which pupils learn notes and instruments, but the instruments and teaching methods are unusual. Music is taught through the use of handbells. Handbells are musical instruments that allow for starting to play as an ensemble rather quickly, and pupils enjoy making music this way. A player must only have basic sense of rhythm and coordination. As handbells are used to make music in an ensemble, the methods applied at school are based on the principles of group and team work, developing in children besides love for music also responsibility, performance and communication skills.

The curriculum contains four subjects ­­– handbell ensemble, solfeggio (to learn the notes), music history and piano lessons.