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Tiina Boucher – Managing Director

Tiina’s musical studies began at Tallinn’s 22nd High School, now known as Westholm Gymnasium. In this music-oriented school, Tiina chose the piano as her instrument, and she had the opportunity to learn it under the guidance of several renowned piano teachers, including Ülle Sisa. In addition to the piano, Tiina was drawn to several other instruments, playing the accordion and mandolin in various ensembles. After completing high school, she continued her music studies at the Georg Ots Music School in Tallinn.

Alongside instrumental training, Tiina received a strong choral education in Heino Kaljuste’s Ellerhein Girls’ Choir and under the guidance of Olari Elts in the Mainor Chamber Choir. However, in 1994, she joined the chamber choir ARSIS and, in 1995, was invited by conductor Aivar Mäe to join the handbell ensemble. Since then, Tiina has been an integral part of the ARSIS Handbell Ensemble.

In 1998, Tiina embraced a new challenge by taking on the role of manager for Arsis concert ensembles. In 1999, she added the position of managing director of the Arsis handbell school. Concurrently juggling demanding professional roles, she successfully completed her studies in international business management at EBS Higher School in 2006. In her daily work, Tiina values collaboration, adaptability, listening skills, and empathy.

Tiina Boucher

Lemme-Liis Elp

Lemme-Liis Elp – handbells, solfeggio, handbell course for adults

Lemme-Liis first came in to contact with music in a singing and dancing hobby group in her home city Pärnu. When she was 6 years old, she started piano lessons at the Pärnu Children’s Music School, followed by studies in the Estonian Academy of Music. Freshly graduated, she started working at the Lilleküla Secondary School and soon took up singing in the Arsis chamber choir and since 1996, playing in the Arsis handbell ensemble. When Arsis Handbell School started, she was one of the first teachers to be called to work there. Lemme-Liis loves to listen music in different genres, but her heart belongs to hard-rock. But since her husband Rauno is a soloist of the Estonian National Opera, beautiful melodies from famous operas are also a crucial part in the musical moments at home. In teaching, Lemme-Liis values most the young people surrounding her and keeping her mind bright.

Dmitri Kurs – piano

Dmitri started studying music at the age of 5. From 1999 to 2014, he deeply immersed himself in piano studies under the guidance of several recognized piano educators, including Renate Goznaja and Ülle Sisa. His studies at G. Otsa Music School marked Dmitri’s initial encounters with piano pedagogy and his first students. An increasing realization took hold in Dmitri that the piano was the instrument to which he wanted to dedicate his whole heart. This awareness led him to the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, where he studied in Julia Stadler’s piano class, acquiring thorough knowledge for the roles of a concert pianist and teacher. Throughout his studies and also today, Dmitri has consistently found the energy and desire to participate in various exciting music projects, allowing him to develop his abilities and skills as a concert pianist.

Dmitri joined the Arsis Handbell School staff in 2021. He believes that every student is talented, one just needs to discover the unique path for each student to reach their love for music.

Dmitri Kurs

Dmitri Kurs