Who are the staff?

Mari Tooming –Managing Director

Handbells, solfeggio, handbell course for adults

Mari has been working at the Tartu Arsis Handbell School since its founding, first as a piano teacher and later a solfeggio and handbell teacher. Her interest in music started in kindergarten and she continued developing it in different schools.

In addition to playing the piano and singing in a choir, she is also fascinated by the king of all instruments – the organ. Children find Mari to be a gleeful, sometimes strict, but mostly a kind and fun teacher. She has taught in many different schools and choirs, that have grown her persistency in making her dreams a reality. Mari loves classical and contemporary music performed by professional musicians. Since 2007, she is the conductor of the Tartu youth concert ensembles.

Mari Tooming

Made Kudu

Made Kudu – Piano

Made has been in contact with music since she started her studies at the Tartu children’s music school when she was 5. Studies at the Heino Eller Tartu Music College and at the Estonian Academy of Music followed. Made has taught music at the Otepää Music School, Pühajärve Basic School and at the Tartu Audentes Private School. She came in Arsis through substitute lessons – the piano teacher fell ill, Made came to help and stayed. Students find Made to be a fun teacher, who knows how to joke, but still will find each little mistake. From 2009 until 2019 Made worked also as a Managing Director of the Tartu School.

Merili Retter – piano

Merili’s love for music runs in the family – her mother and grandfather have both been actively engaged in music. Merili started her music studies at the Elva Music School. After high school she received music education graduating University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. While studying there she started giving singing lessons in her home town Elva. After graduating from the University she joined Tartu Arsis Handbells School staff as a piano teacher.

Merili likes all kind of musical genres, but she enjoys Estonian funk/soul music and progressive rock the most.

Merili Retter

Merili Retter Arsis