Who we are?

On an autumn evening in 1996, conductor Aivar Mäe summoned the children of the singers of the chamber choir ARSIS in order to learn to play a piece on handbells and perform it on the choir christmas concert. This little performance grew into a six-year long concert period of the Arsis children ensemble.

The present youth ensembles have their roots in the Arsis handbell school. In 2003, the first students graduated from the handbell school and the twelve young musicians who passed the competiton became the first Arsis Youth Ensemble.

Today, there are youth concert ensembles in Tallinn and in Tartu.

Foreign tours have taken them to Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Poland, Canada, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Malta and the USA. In many festivals have been participated (Luosto Classic in Finland, Probaltica in Poland, MustonenFest in Israel etc). In 2016 at the International Youth Music competition-festival held in Bratislava, Arsis won the highest prize – Grand Prix, the ensemble was also awarded with the golden diploma and Aivar Mäe received a special prize for conducting.

The music of the youth ensembles can be heard on 5 CDs.

Youth ensembles in Tallinn

Conductor Aivar Mäe

ARSIS kellade Noorteansambel 2021

Starting from the left: Conductor Aivar Mäe, Martha Tääkre, Britta Noor, Kätriin Pruul, Maribeth Ader, Angeelika Oolberg, Maria-Elisabeth Vaigo, Elisabet Priidel, Teisi-Liis Vaik / Back row: Karl Jõeste, Oskar Mihhailov, Jaron Kiiroja, Innar Mihhailov

Starting from the left: Anni Ruth Aavik, Karmel Justina Loog, Maribeth Ader, Maria Mitt, Kaspar Ustav, Romi Neerot, Indra Põder, Oskar Ostov, Laura Kaasik-Aaslav, Kirke Männik, Sarah Metsar, Mirjam Kihulane

Arsis Youth Ensemble in Tartu

Conductor Mari Tooming

Starting from the left: Merlin Lillo, Kristiine Toots, Amaranta Lill Põld, Andreas Teder, Karl Robert Põder, Eger-Jasper Armolik, Jaak-Markus Maamets, Andreas Jõesaar, Katariina Talts, Marta Margaret Kaart, Katrina Saarnits